My BBQ Gear

My BBQ arsenal and favourite accessories

This is my current lineup of BBQs and BBQ gear.


1987 J Code Weber Kettle (My Dad’s original kettle)

1983 C Code Weber Kettle (Birthyear kettle)

Weber GA

Z Grills Mini Pellet Smoker

Z Grills 700E-XL Peller Smoker

Fornetto Razzo 18” Bullet Smoker

Outi multi fuel pizza oven

24″ Kamado Ceramic Smoker from UMall Australia

Argentine Parrilla Asado Grill


Weber Rotisserie attachment for Kettle

Kettle Kone for the Kettle

JG BBQ Offset Plate for the GA

GrillGrates for the GA

The Knife Roll:

Heatbeads personalised Maka Knife Roll

270mm Japanese Slicer

Medeiros 10″ Butcher Style

Medeiros 9″ Kultura

Medeiros 8″ Boning

Medeiros 8″ Picanha

Medeiros 4″ Utility

Various F.dick Knives

Other gear:

Heatbeads Chimney Boosters

Heatbeads Chimneys

ArMeator Wireless Probe

Inkbird Instant Read Thermometer

Inkbird Wifi 4 Probe Thermometer

Inkbird Infrared Thermometer

Tiger Gloves

Personalised Brisket Chopping Board from The Australian Brisket Board (OLLIES for 15% off)

Personalised Serving Board from The Australian Brisket Board

Butane Torches from: Hot Devil Products


Proudly sponsored by Heatbeads

Brand Ambassador for Z Grills Australia

Brand Ambassador for Medeiros Australia

Brand Ambassador for The Australian Brisket Board – Use OLLIES for 15% off

Brand Ambassador for Smoke Chamber BBQ

Proudly supported by: DC Meats

My BBQ Arsenal
My current BBQ lineup

Best Knives For BBQ
Best Knives For BBQ
My 270mm Japanese slicer from Chef’s Armoury, and my Utility Knife and Kultura Knife from Medeiros Australia