About Me

My BBQ Journey

So far…

I’ve been interested in BBQ for as long as I can remember! Some of my favourite early memories are from camping trips with family & friends, burning marshmallows on sticks, while the parents cooked over an open fire. Or Christmas and other special occasions, helping dad cook on the Weber, a 1987 Weber Kettle that takes pride of place in my arsenal, and is used on the regular.

Around 2010, I stumbled across BBQ Pitmasters online, and my interest (obsession!) with American BBQ began. Their series opened my eyes to the world of BBQ competitions and I knew I needed to get involved. I became an accredited judge for ABA, KCBS & SCA and I’ve been involved in competition BBQ as both a judge and competitor ever since!

I also cook with fire at home any chance I get. Recording my successes, and failures, on Instagram. With the support of some incredible brands and people, I have had some amazing BBQ experiences. From cooking on the Heatbeads MeatWagon at Meatstock, to slicing briskets at events with Beard Street BBQ. The BBQ community in Australia is amazing, and I am stoked to be a part of it.